Our Insights

17 Apr 2024


We are majorly working with stray animals like accidentally injured cows, dogs, cats as well as animals suffering from infectious diseases. We are also in co-ordination with the local forest department as caretaker of wildlife for injured animals and birds that are lost or caught up in an accident. We look after them till they feet to survive by their own in their suitable environment We also work for rescuing cow's from going to slaughterhouse. 

Our goals

  • Provide food shelter and medical help to all stray animals and prevent them going from slaughterhouses as well as starving.

  • Promote a new model of gauseva ashram with a unique idea that educates society about the importance of cattle farming for our agricultural cycle and not just for milk benefits.

  • To explore the idea of an ideal gauseva ashram we are heading towards an economic structure, by which we do not have to be dependent upon donations for the purpose of sustaining our gau seva ashram by developing various business modules under one roof, like dairy products, fertilizers, artifacts, animal breeding, panchya gavya ,etc.

 It has been observed that human cruelty is on peak towards stray animals, like poring hot oil over calfs, throwing acids in their mouth, wrapping their mouth with metal wire so that they could not eat on farms.

As we have been working for the last 11 years for this cause we have saved more than 80 cows, 250 dogs, 500 cats, 20 wildlife creatures including crocodiles, owles, sparrows, peacocks and baby parrots.

We have registered with Govidnyan and Ayurved Association.

 Our present need is to purchase gau seva ashram land so that these rescued animals will get permanent shelter. 
Currently, we are trying to raise funds for cattle shed with their food storage place, a dog kennel with essential amenities, and a cat shelter house.
Constructing a compound wall as the land is surrounded by forest to prevent attack by wild animals like fox and wild dogs as well as local small tigers.